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Healthier planet

Supporting a healthier planet for future generations.

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A healthier planet means taking bold steps to reduce our environmental footprint. That’s why we’re addressing climate change from multiple angles:

  • Energy: Transitioning to renewable electricity and energy reduction at all Hain-operated facilities.
  • Waste: Decreasing supply chain food waste and diverting landfill waste across Hain’s facilities.
  • Efficiency: Maximizing per truck capacity to lessen emissions and improve energy efficiency.

We will continuously improve these practices as methods and technologies evolve.

We believe business has a pivotal role to play in the low-carbon transition and we are joining an ambitious group of 1,817 other companies in setting science-based targets to meet the Paris Agreement.
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    Our goals

    We are setting meaningful targets so we can do our part for a healthier tomorrow.

  • Climate

    We are working to reduce our carbon footprint by setting science-based targets, transitioning to renewable energy at several facilities, and engaging with suppliers on emissions reductions.

  • Food waste

    By 2025 our target is for all our consumable products to stay out of landfills.

  • Waste

    8 of 15 Hain facilities have achieved nearly zero waste, and we plan to launch zero-waste initiatives for all remaining sites.

  • Packaging

    We are continuously improving recyclability and implementing standardized recycling labeling across our portfolio.

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Changing for the better

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Hain Celestial’s UK brands are driving real change around renewable energy and pollution minimization.

After two of their manufacturing facilities went through a water and energy usage assessment, they were certified by the Environmental Management System standard. Their technical team implemented other energy and water efficiency measures, such as LED lighting, energy metering, water recovery for reuse, and more.

These energy efficiency efforts led to a 6% sitewide energy usage reduction, and they are just getting started. Each month they analyze their site-level environmental impact and constantly look for ways to reduce pollution, water usage, and waste, and adopt efficiency measures.

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