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Selected goods, services, and entertainment to enrich your existence:

Money Management

Victoria Rolfe’s sage advice on living sensibly, avoiding debt, plumping your piggy bank, and never wanting for the things you need or desire, be it a car, a college education or that luxury vacation in Pistol Thicket, La.

Home Decor


Tasteful, inexpensive earth-tone designs to lend a soothing touch to your shack, created by Amber Rolfe and her childhood sidekick Erica Morris.

Mind-Altering Adventures

Gripping, witty science fiction penned by my stepson, the author of two volumes of short stories and a forthcoming trilogy of novels.

Phantastic Photos

J. Gregory Raymond is a seasoned (mainly with garlic, dill, salt, and tumeric) professional lensman with a natural eye for humor and a deft hand for capturing life’s rich pageant.

Backyard Baseball

Mellow, melodic musical wonderment by Jesse and Colin Rolfe, the founders of Pays You in Fries Records.