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A succulent sampler of my scribblin’ on politics, social issues, commuting, and other floats in life’s rich pageant for Pojo, Sports Illustrated, Hudson Valley Magazine and more. (Thoughts? Keep ’em to yourself! Naw, go ahead and contact me at: or

Jeff Beck Was One of a Kind: An Appreciation of a Legend

Damar Hamlin Shakes Our World

Can the Love of Sports Survive the Love of Money?

As If You Don’t Have Enough to Worry About …

Take My Contractor … Please

Mum-in-Law Comes Home to Roost (sort of) at Last

Cloning a Pet Won’t Raise the Dead

A Lifetime of Bad Haircuts

COVID Cooties: The Irony of Recovering

A COVID Sufferer’s Lament

What a Fowl Fate Can Teach Us About Being Cooped Up

A Gardener’s Battle With the Wily Whistlepig

A Bus Driver’s Sage Advice to Homeschooling Parents

The Thermos That Ate Red Hook

The Postal Service and the Federal Misery Mandate

Job’s Hamster: A Person’s Life Resembles His Pet’s

The Writing’s on the Wall


On The Rails: Sacred Texts From a Very Long Commute

On The Rails: A Handy Translation Guide to Train Announcements

On The Rails: Nothing Warms the Heart Like a Diesel Fire

On The Rails: The Commuter’s Curse

On The Rails: The Amazing Journey


Taking It Personally: Chickens on Strike are Signs of End Times

Taking It Personally: The Catch-22 Dental Plan

Taking It Personally: Clean Living Will Kill Ya

Taking It Personally: Avoiding the Doctor Like the Plague

Taking It Personally: Washington is One Big School Bus

Taking It Personally: President Trump Channels The Ol’ Perfesser


It’s Always Something: Cats and Kids Are a Lot Alike

It’s Always Something: The Eternal Call of the Honey-Do List

It’s Always Something: Merry Mishaps of the Season

It’s Always Something: Bittersweet Reflections on Summer Chaos

Painter’s Predicament: Trapped on the Roof

Yours Truly: The Neighborhood Threat

Starting From Scratch: The Joys of Poison Ivy

My Midlife Crisis Car: The Classic Clunker

Bump in the Night: A Case of the Country Creeps

What If: Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski as Hockey Analysts

Getting Loose: Sex and Sports Don’t Mix

Getting Loose: The Ultimate Sports Funeral

Getting Loose: Experts Eager to Help You Lose Money

Getting Loose: New Yorkers Not to Be Trifled With

Getting Loose: Coaches Gone Mad